Jan 26 2021

Habit Lifestyle Medicine (HLM) releases FREE chatbot service for COVID-19 screening, risk assessment and intelligent assistance.

In an effort to contribute to the COVID-19 battle, Lorne Friesen, Chief Executive Officer at HLM partnered with KPI Digital and Bots 4 Impact using the IBM Watson platform to offer a free and simple service to help Canadian First Responders and Frontline Health Care Workers prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In Spring 2020, Canadian organizations were strongly encouraged or mandated to screen employees before starting their shift, however, many or most were using inefficient paper-based questionnaires and verbal screening. This is when HLM stepped up and confronted the challenge to create a free, simple and engaging, intelligent screening system that is broadly available.

Users access the COVID-19 risk assessment by logging into a secure landing page on the HLM website, They can ask the virtual assistant, Scout, questions about the COVID-19 screening process while they complete the questionnaire to determine if they are safe to start their shift. Users get instant results. If there is any possibility of COVID-19 they receive an immediate triage response.

HLM has incorporated an optional Health Assessment to provide additional insights. The Health Assessment links to important health, wellness, and immune-supporting materials and resources that are relevant to users’ responses. These resources are designed to help users understand their risk factors and take steps to improve their immunity and decrease their risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms should they get infected.

“The value of this COVID solution is priceless,” explains Friesen. “Employers, Health Systems, Employees and Unions can all benefit from this program.”

Final thought:

COVID-19 has forced a new normal. First Responders and Frontline Healthcare workers have to be screened before entering the workplace. In light of this, why not have employees use a risk-free intelligent virtual assistant that provides added value. Thanks to HLM this service is available for free to all first responders and frontline healthcare workers.

Contact Lorne Friesen to learn how your organization can sign up for free: (778) 765-3136. To visit the site directly click here.