Prioritize Transformation During The New Normal

By Nicole Whittle

KPI Digital is working with organizations across North America to help them deal with their short-term COVID challenges, as well as work on strategies to set them up for success in navigating through “the new normal” when the current crisis is over.

Many organizations are faced with short-term revenue loss and reduced cash flow. Organizations that prioritize innovative ideas and speed of transformation will revitalize their businesses and succeed in “the new normal” faster.

We are focusing our efforts on providing ways that you can foster innovation, leading to significant ROI within your organization. We have implemented multiple use cases for our customers with great business cases. We are providing our customers unprecedented insights into all their growth and cost business drivers: clients, employees, Operations, Finance and more. Based on these insights we are deploying solutions that help our customers optimize processes across their enterprise.

Cross industry innovation is the idea of transferring ideas, practices and approaches from one industry to another and we can help you understand what solutions might work for you. My subsequent blog will have all sorts of cross industry ideas, but we wanted to share some positive news.

Addressing the budget concern before ideas get nixed:

Much more innovation is needed at a faster pace in order to help companies recover quickly. But improving “speed to recovery” requires some funding, which is why KPI Digital is supporting innovators from across North America who are working on direct or indirect solutions for mitigating financial losses or improving business processes that have been challenged due to COVID (yup that’s everyone).

We’ve tapped into Canadian Federal and Provincial grant funding and would like to help you by providing the full support of the KPI Digital team and our ecosystem to bring your innovations to life. Funding is based on selected projects that have strong business viability and contribute to strategic objectives, such as development of Small & Medium Enterprises and impact to the broader ecosystem. The grant funding is from a pool of sources and is allocated based on 50-100% financial coverage of elements including architecture, infrastructure, software, services and/or employee costs relevant to the project. And better yet, KPI Digital won’t charge you a dime to help facilitate this.

In addition, we have an AI-enabled solution that delivers real-time intelligence to optimize supply chain performance by quickly correlating data from siloed systems, capturing organizational knowledge and creating digital playbooks.

Summing it up

Whether you have your own ideas to help with the “greater good” of economic wide health initiatives, or just your own company’s need for AI driven processes, financials or employee support-that’s okay. Maybe you need a calm port in the storm with a partner that can provide new concepts, software and a plan of action.

I want to connect with you. This is a broad call for innovations that can aid the public and private sectors. Reach out to me to understand how AI funding can help your organization recover faster. We’re all in this together.