What Makes AI So Impactful In Business And Why Now?

By Benny Cohen, President, KPI Digital

We are entering a new chapter in the adoption of AI technologies: Capabilities are advancing, it is becoming easier to develop and implement AI applications and companies are seeing tangible benefits.

To the customer, it is not AI that matters – it’s the fact that the business process got done on time and with accuracy. People don’t buy AI; they buy the solution to the problem.

Goals for using AI

AI is deployed across a wide spectrum of use cases to address Business Objectives including gaining competitive edge, reducing costs, increasing revenue, improving team efficiency, as well as mitigating risk of non-compliance, cost of disruption and value of digital maturity.

AI is being integrated into the fabric of business and addresses multiple business challenges to optimize and enable:

•  Decision-making
•  New actionable insights
•  Customer relationships
•  More productive employees
•  New business models and processes
•  New products and services

“AI changes the way you do business. It allows you to do things faster and better and it tackles things that were not possible before. For example, take a three-week-long mortgage application process and using AI reduce that task to five minutes. Suddenly, it’s a differentiator.”

– Benny Cohen, Founder and President at KPI Digital

What the AI Revolution means for your business

Your business will have to get smarter. Take a traditional sector like farming currently undergoing huge changes, in which technology is being used to intelligently plan what crops to plant, where and when, in order to maximize harvests and run more efficient farms. Data and AI helps farmers monitor soil and weather conditions, the health of crops, and pinpoint diseases. Farms that refuse to evolve risk being left behind.

This is the impact of the AI Revolution

The AI Revolution transforms the way we do business. For your company, this may mean you have to rethink the way you create products and bring them to market, rethink your services, rethink your business processes, or even rethink your entire business model.