A Culture of Innovation: How Our Values Earned Us the Great Place to Work® Certification

By Dimitra Kostarides, Vice President, People and Culture

As Vice President of People and Culture at KPI Digital, it fills me with great pride to share our latest milestone: KPI Digital has officially been certified as one of Canada’s Great Place to Work® companies. This recognition is not just a badge of honor; it’s a testament of the commitment, energy and values of our incredible employees, whose daily actions create the culture that makes this company such a great place to work for all.

At KPI Digital, we are committed to fostering a positive workplace culture. It’s integral to our philosophy to support our community, which is why we actively volunteer at a local food bank.

We implemented Bonusly, a peer-to-peer recognition platform, creating an environment where our team members can acknowledge each other’s hard work and achievements with small bonuses that can be redeemed through a digital rewards catalog.

Work-life balance is important to us, so we introduced half-day Fridays during the summer, giving everyone the chance to kick-start their weekends and enjoy some well-deserved time to themselves.

Our workplace perks are designed to make the day more enjoyable and productive with a variety of complimentary snacks–including fresh fruit and healthier options–to keep our team energized and motivated throughout the day. A subsidized catering service is offered, where a delicious lunch of their choice is delivered to their desk before noon.

We also understand the importance of health and fitness in overall wellbeing, which is why we provide an on-site gym for all employees. These initiatives are more than perks—they’re a reflection of our commitment to the happiness, wellbeing, and productivity of our KPI Digital family, making our company a supportive and fulfilling place to build a career.

The journey to this point has been incredible. Our 84% employee satisfaction rate not only eclipses the 60% norm for Canadian companies, but is a reflection of the family-like environment we’ve cultivated.

At the heart of KPI Digital lies our core values: Passion, Integrity, and Innovation. These aren’t just words to us; they are the principles that guide our every action and decision.

Since joining, I have personally witnessed how each team member is motivated and inspired by these principles, fostering a culture that is deeply ingrained in our behaviors. This culture is evident in the way we deliver uniquely tailored services and solutions, and in our commitment to giving back to the community, all aimed at making the world a better place.

Passion is our driving force. It’s evident in the dedication we show towards our work and our commitment to our clients. We push boundaries to help our clients reach their goals, mirroring our own aspirations.

Integrity shapes what we do. We believe in doing right by our clients, partners, and employees. We are transparent, open, and honest in our communication. It’s about building trust and maintaining it through every action we take.

Innovation is our path to the future. We don’t just adapt; we lead. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and pioneering strategies, we craft forward-thinking tailored strategies and solutions for our clients.

Our culture isn’t just internal; it resonates in the solutions we provide, the events we host, and our community involvement. It’s about creating a positive impact, not just within our walls but in the world around us.

Looking back on what we’ve accomplished, I’m truly thankful for our team’s efforts. Their dedication, talent, and spirit are what make KPI Digital more than just a company – we are a family. And this family is growing. If you are interested in being part of this incredible team, we welcome you to check out the opportunities on our careers page.