Bring on the Rain! My take on business problems

Sep 26 2016

Bring on the Rain!!!

My take on business problems



Hold on…wait…we don’t like rain, we want beautiful weather...right?

I have learned over the years that it is all about perspective, In North America we view rain as bad weather, and something to be disliked in general …. A negative thing that we would rather not have. Why is the weather person giving us all this bad news all the time… Right!


Having had the good fortune of living, working in many other countries of the world (many of which were developing regions) I was able to learn that different regions / cultures view things very differently. In almost every developing country I have lived, Rain and lots of rain was always viewed as a great blessing and a wonderful gift, the essence of life and a bringer of life in many respects.  Even the Nevada Dessert. Although Las Vegas is a thriving economy, it would be completely lost without the abundance of rain in other regions that supply it with its much needed water and food.

Ok…. Where am I going with this?

It’s all about perspective!

Almost all organizations today, their leaders become unpleased and upset at the onset of a problem that impacts their business….yet this/these problem(s), much like the rain should be seen as a bringer of life and a blessing allowing the organization to grow and change itself into something new and better, much like a withering plant receiving water becomes fruits and vegetables that feed nations.

Ok, so you’re saying…. Sure but a business is not a plant, and you are correct. But much like the plant, and the much needed rain, if the organization does not have a good farmer (leader) then the rain alone will not help. Leadership is key to help find the right direction when the rains come. An organization may have the needed tools to help it with its problems, yet again it may not but this is easy to solve as they can always be purchased but it is not tools that solve problems it is solutions…solutions to problems … just like the tools on a farm will not help the crops even with rain, what is needed is a good farmer who knows how to solve the problem with the tools that he/she has.

Business problems are handled exactly the same way, the products do not solve the problem, the problems are solved by people, individuals and teams working together with a common understanding of the vision required to solve the problems identified. At KPI Digital. (KPI) we are focused on solutions and we have a dedicated team of skilled solutions providers who are second to none when it comes to implementing and developing the right solutions for your vision. In my 20 plus years working for different firms and with many customers, it has become clear to me that the business of solutions (solving problems) is not about products but about solutions and solutions = Products  + the right team + understanding of the vision.

This is my recipe for successfully dealing with the rain in your organization... so I say ‘Bring on the rain’ it will make us better stronger and more competitive tomorrow.

Let us move towards success together!


Denis Leclerc



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Author: Denis Leclerc