Governance for Consumer Trust

Consumer Goods


A well-known brand of consumer products sought to build consumer trust and loyalty as well as maximize sales through data.

Their siloed approach to data governance lacked accountability and would not support data consistency and accuracy.

Poor data quality led to inefficient internal business processes and inconsistent product information for trading partners and consumers.


Created a centralized data governance program with clearly defined parameters for data creation, management, access and usage.

Assigned and empowered dedicated Data Stewards to support the program.

Established an on-going dialogue and collaboration with downstream data consumers for continuous data quality improvement.

Regularly audited product catalog attributes against the physical product to ensure accuracy and completeness.


A solid foundation of high-quality data smoothed the way for an enterprise digital transformation project.

Improved operational efficiency and intercompany communication and collaboration.

Increased customer confidence and sales through access to a detailed, complete and accurate product catalog.