Case Study

Enhancing the customer experience with a new digital presence.

About AMG Medical. For over 50 years, AMG Medical has been a trusted wholesale distributor of medical professional and home healthcare products in Canada. They are a leading partner that healthcare Professionals, caregivers and patients rely on to deliver the Highest standard of care whether in a facility or at home.

Companies that have been around for over 50 years thrive on a few key factors; being a trustworthy and reliable resource, focused on quality over quantity, and more importantly, committed to providing the best service to loyal customers. These days, to be able to compete in any industry, let alone the medical distribution industry, you must think of innovation and transformation. What worked 10, 20, 30 years ago, does not work today. It’s more important than ever to revamp digital presence by implementing a new digital strategy that is highly focused on technology, people and process.

Real numbers, real results.


Increase in total


Decrease in manual
order entry


Increase in adoption rate
for non-EDI customers

Partnered with AMG Medical, we set out to complete a full digital transformation throughout their organization. One of the key steps to achieving this was to improve their digital presence and enhance their customers’ experience with a new B2B website. Prior to this, their systems were dated, their processes were manual, and their eCommerce platform lacked the ability to provide their customers with a better experience. This is where BigCommerce comes in.


Modernizing their digital presence to enhance the customer experience.
Being a leader in the medical professional and home healthcare distribution industry means they have a long-established business model that works however that also means it was built on manual processes and legacy technology. “Today, customers have all the power. The market is saturated with a ton of options to choose from. That is why it is so important to provide an amazing experience and keep those customers coming back. BigCommerce gave them an easy way improve their internal processes and transactional capabilities so they can spend more time focusing on what matters the most, their customers’ experience – Monica Weinstein, Director of Digital Experience at KPI Digital.

BigCommerce gave them an easy way improve their internal processes and transactional capabilities so they can spend more time focusing on what matters the most, their customers’ experience’’



Building a scalable foundation with BigCommerce.
When we started our hunt for the perfect platform for AMG Medical, Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce were all in the running. We had a major challenge of finding a flexible all-in-one solution that doesn’t rely heavily on developers, can easily be managed by their internal teams, won’t put them in the red, and more importantly, set them on the right path for e-commerce scalability. We quickly realized that BigCommerce will be instrumental in achieving growth. BigCommerce was the only platform that checked off all the boxes. Additional customization was required to integrate with AMG Medical’s current ERP however BigCommerce’s secure out of the box solution, proved it would give the client the competitive edge they needed to be able to compete in today’s fast-paced market.

“One of the reasons why we chose BigCommerce was because they offer a great add-on called Bundle B2B,” explains Monica Weinstein, Director of Digital Experience at KPI Digital. “Bundle B2B focuses on enhancing the B2B experience for the customer with solutions like; submitting and approving quote requests, being able to manage user permissions for their account, and having dedicated sales teams assigned to their account allowing for a more personal experience.” This allows for better communication with customers, a reduction in overhead costs and speeds up internal processes.


A reduction of time spent on manual processes and increase in revenue, while improving the customer experience.
New B2B website.
BigCommerce has allowed AMG Medical to tap into opportunities where they previously were unable to. The website now integrates seamlessly with their ERP (Tecsys), providing enhanced functionality such as customer-specific pricing, intricately managing product variants, better customer journey and offering a new refreshed look and feel of the site. A new digital e-commerce presence not only modernizes their business, but also allows for scalability at a whole new level, including the possibility of implementing a multi-storefront in the future which will allow them to manage all BigCommerce stores from a single dashboard. The company is expecting an increase in adoption rate from 16% to 80% of all non-EDI customers over the course of 24 months while maintaining and nurturing the relationships with existing B2B customers (e.g., wholesalers, distributors, buying groups, retail chains, etc.).

Customer experience.
Major experience improvements include a total overhaul of their user interface and customer journey. The new journey will facilitate access to product information which will reduce the burden of customer service and sales teams having to education their customer, allow customers to easily submit return requests and reorder past purchases directly through the website, to name a few. The changes allow for a better overall shopping experience.

Internal process efficiency.
BigCommerce includes features that enhance and automate current manual internal processes and combining that with Bundle B2B, the solution offers efficient and streamlined functionality. Customer account management, quoting management, invoice and payment management, and roles and permissions management are just a few examples of the value that has been added.

Success & looking ahead

AMG Medical is already seeing progress toward a projected 7% increase in total revenue and a 35% decrease in manual order entry.

Continued focus on customer experience and growth.
Going forward, getting more customers to use the website as their primary method of shopping is a #1 priority. Majority of their current orders still come in as PDFs, faxes, and emails to customer service. A projected increase in adoption rate is expected to go from 16% to 80% of all non-EDI customers over the course of 24 months. Maintaining momentum in improving customer experience is another huge focus for the company and they plan to continuously evolve by looking for ways to improve their site’s experience and functionality.