Using Planning Analytics to gain financial clarity

Banking • Insurance • Artificial Intelligence • Planning Analytics


After a well known bank acquired several banking and insurance subsidiaries, they required each branch to take ownership of their respective business costs.

Discover a common way to see costs and results, both on a group level and across fundamentally different businesses.

More flexible tools with user-friendly interfaces that enabled managers to visualize and analyze data pertinent to their own operations.​


Build an easy to understand and transparent AI augmented Planning Analytics interface.​

Use an on-premises system to maintain a single source of high-quality performance data pulled from general ledger and human resources applications and accessed through user-friendly dashboards.

​Design a solution automation and intelligence to build robust, driver-based models and transform its financial processes to more fully involve managers.​


Real-time transparent financials.

An easy to use more packaged, full-scale enterprise reporting platform.

The option to add on self-service dashboarding features to quickly create interactive charts, graph and tables.

The option to drill down or up for more insights;generate customized reports; and ask an Ai-powered chatbot for recommendations.