Using AI to improve operational efficiency

Travel & Aviation


Airlines have years worth of historical maintenance records for hundreds of aircraft in their fleet. But this vast amount of critical data was virtually unsearchable and unusable.

Maintenance technicians had to diagnose and fix issues without being able to tap into or interpret implications from valuable past learnings and courses of action.


Used AI to ingest structured and unstructured data from multiple sources including technical guidelines, non-routine logs, technician notes, inventory, troubleshooting time and material cost data, and in-flight incident history.

Leveraged Natural Language Understanding and advanced content analytics to help maintenance crews diagnose and solve problems more quickly and with more confidence.

Used AI to assist in deciding probable cause and recommend solutions to be quickly addressed by technicians.


Addressed hundreds of thousands of maintenance cases 90% faster.

Used AI to deliver actionable insights on the root causes which resulted in shortened maintenance defect history analysis lead times by 90%.

With visibility into preventative maintenance, airline employees are spending more time getting people to places on time—and working to keep millions of passengers happy.