Transformation for Better Patient Outcomes



A healthcare network wanted to leverage big data to improve quality of care and treatment outcomes and, identify opportunities for disease prevention.

The massive volumes of data available in healthcare generated from a large variety of sources was too large and complex for the organizations outdated data platform and software tools.

Internal IT resources lacked the skills to update the data platform and needed help to create a data transformation strategy.


Worked with executives and key stakeholders to create a strategy which identified and prioritized high-value areas for improvement within the network and created a list of prioritized use cases.

Identified the scope of data and technology needed for the use cases and developed a 5-year transformation plan including high-level project plan, critical success factors and estimated funding requirements.

Delivered high-value use cases to improve patient diagnoses, treatments and outcomes.


Increased patient engagement through self-monitoring analytics.

Improved operational efficiency and preparedness through infectious disease outbreak tracking.

Increased accuracy of diagnoses with symptom-based AI predictive models.

Leveraged machine learning for patient-tailored discharge procedures to reduce readmissions.