Governance for Data-Driven Decisions



A major retailer sought to improve the customer shopping experience and increase customer loyalty through data-driven insights.

Lack of governance for data assets that crossed multiple systems and channels and put the company at risk of data breach and financial penalties.

Complexity of data platform left business users unsure of which data to use for financial and business analysis slowing decision-making across the company.


Created a searchable data catalog with a data dictionary and business glossary to help business users understand and find the right data for analysis.

Identified and cataloged all customer personally identifiable information (PII) / financial data and established policies and procedures.

Created an accountability structure that defined the access and acceptable use for data.


Finding the right data led to better customer insights that improved customer experience and increased customer loyalty.

Knowing where PII is stored in across all systems ensured compliance to privacy regulations and reduced financial and reputational risk for the company.

Accountability structure strengthened data security and provided an extra layer of protection against data breach.