Data Modernization for Operational Development

Mining Industry • Artificial Intelligence • Data & Analytics Platforms • Governance


A global steel and mining company operating in 16 countries faced a major data challenge.

They needed to modernize their data architecture, which was characterized by data silos and no standards BI and analytics across the organization.

They also lacked customized reporting that was easily accessible to the stakeholders.

They had no data governance in place and were looking to adopt Industry 4.0 standards.


Selected Microsoft Azure as the primary data repository to support future BI, AI and OD initiatives.

Selected and integrated Power BI as their main reporting and visualization tool. This allowed them to create new dashboards that could analyze their dynamic framework for testing.

Deployed a data management and governance process to ensure their data was easily accessible and aligned with company goals.


Creating an aligned value chain resulted in reduced costs in managing contractors.

The governance solution enabled a united operations center that resulted in better communication on critical links in the value chain.

Accelerated adoption of Industry 4.0 established increased productivity and safety in the manufacturing plants.

The MS Azure cloud platform allowed for better cost control.

Specific automation benefits included equipment availability and a decrease in cost per ton.