Data-driven Customer Experience



A retail chain wanted to improve customer experience but didn’t have a clear picture of customer interactions across all channels.

Their current technology environments couldn’t support integrating and reporting on omnichannel data due to its volume and complexity.

Some key decision makers lacked confidence that data quality supported sound decisions on customer experience.


Identified opportunities to fast-track the integration of omnichannel data into the existing data platforms.

Created 6-month, 1-year and 5-year plans to accelerate the deployment of hybrid cloud, machine learning and self-service analytics.

Recommended a data governance program to improve data quality and build trust.

Designed and deployed a data warehouse with a unified view of the customer & KPIs to support customer-centric, omnichannel analytics and reporting.


Improved data quality and overall trust in data.

Created 360˚ View of the customer across all channels.

Improved customer experience.

Increased revenues and customer satisfaction.

Accelerated innovation leading to new products and services.