Customer 360° Architecture

Insurance • Artificial Intelligence • Architecture


The organization wanted to identify friction points in the digital journey that resulted in customers abandoning web sessions​.

They needed to identify ways to sell more products to existing customers to retain business​.

They had data but lacked a complete Customer 360 solution with true analytical insights​.


We built a Customer Data Lake to serve as a self-service platform for data science and business users which allowed users to:

• Ingest, stitch and enrich data
• Link master data and interactions
• Understand key words
• Identify friction points in the journey​


Deeper insight into customer digital and in-person interactions to improve experience & retention.

Customer buying patterns served to drive intelligent actions.

Key opportunities to sell more products became clear, to retain business and grow loyalty.

Ability to see a true 360 on each customer with actionable and true analytical insights.