AI-Powered Triage Assistant

Healthcare • Artificial Intelligence • Digital Experience


An evidence-based approach was required to identify prognosis, diagnosis and treatment to obtain better, healthier, patient outcomes.

Data from one clinic had to be expanded to incorporate aggregate data on all medical practices.


Create a new process for data entry through their Triage Intake Tool, which includes automating the data integration into the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), to replace repetitive tasks.

Increase data quality by seamlessly transferring customer interactions between chatbots.

Improve patient care and experience by implementing proactive care alerts and processes.

Improve productivity of care team with next best action recommendations.


Allowed skilled resources to focus on more complex tasks that require expertise and creativity.

Saved $248,200 in projected costs for ER clinics.

Saved $212,818 in projected costs for non-ER focused clinics.

Saved $8,760 in projected savings in year 1 for non-billable staffing related to customer intake.

Saved $9,636 in customer retention costs.