Advancing Patient Care with and AI-Powered Chatbot

Healthcare • Artificial Intelligence • Digital Experience


Covid-19 patients enrolled in trial need an interface to provide regular health inputs (biophysical, biochemical and symptomology).

Using web surveys and 1-800 numbers are manually intensive, and result in inaccurate data capture.

Nurses need a way to understand who is getting better or sicker.


Build a chatbot utilizing natural language understanding.

Develop personalized virtual conversations when appropriate.

Develop a Triage model based on the Canadian Triage and Accuity Scale.

Create a reporting dashboard.


The universal interface allowed patients to provide more complete information, making clinical trial results and analysis more accurate.

Reduced overhead for manual labor.

Mobile-friendly site enabled vast coverage and frictionless access to patients.

Received huge amounts of health markers to be used for research, demographic info and propensity forecasting.