The Challenge.

An apparel retailer found that they were struggling to maintain brand consistency across all of their franchisee's boutiques. The boutiques were willing to work with them; however they were small operations with limited time and resources. Whatever they did needed to be easily integrated into their daily routines. Each store manages their own product listings, pricing & marketing materials. The apparel retailer also wanted to discover if there was a way to amalgamate all content including the product reviews across the boutiques.


The Solution.

  • Created a Content Management Corporate Strategy​.
  • Created a data repository, including data cleansing​.
  • Executed a Content Audit to evaluate what content they have, what is needed across boutiques and eliminate any redundancies​.
  • Implemented a Content Management system that helps create, manage, and modify content across multiple websites without the need for specialized technical knowledge.
  • Implemented multi-language capabilities within the CMS​.
  • Provided managed services to support on implementation, using the tool as an extension of their team, cognitive functionality, tagging content and training as needed.

The Results.

  • Retailer can now maintain consistency across retail franchisees in terms of marketing messages, branding and reviews.​
  • Now have the ability to publish content to all of the Boutiques at the same time, including but not limited to brand images, product images, product and brand descriptions, blogs etc​...
  • The CMS allows editors to create new content, edit existing content, perform editorial processes on content, and ultimately make that content available to other people to consume it.​
  • Digital data images stored centrally allowing stores to access and properly merchandise their stores​.
  • Increased brand awareness by 30% within the first 6 months​.
  • Improved customer experience and increased NPS (Net promoter score) by 5 points​.
  • Increased operational efficiency by 26%.
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