The Challenge.

A global insurance company was struggling to understand their customers behaviors. They were trying to figure out how to move people from browse to buy.  They needed to ensure online customers can sign up quickly and easily and resolves issues as they arise. More than two thirds of sales now originate through their digital channels. Similarly, many customers increasingly prefer personalized, short-term insurance products that mirror the speed, convenience and flexibility of services from online retailers.  There were so many options available to them, but they didn't know where to start.


The Solution.

  • Developed a digital strategy to help them transform.
  • Conducted a data, technology and experience audit: Website and all Digital Channels.
  • Implemented Customer Behavorial tracking.
  • Implemented an experience analytics tool.
  • Combined customer experience data with other sources of information such as satisfaction surveys and clickstream data, enabling data-driven decision-making to deliver commercial benefits.

The Results.

  • Used struggle analytics to improve customer experience, making it faster and easier to spot problems and help the customer solve it in real-time and to uncover sticking points on their sites automatically.
  • Provided a detailed picture of how customers are moving through their sites. 
  • Enabled the capability to compare the way they intend customers to use a particular features with actual, real-world behavior, and make adjustments to help them explore our products more easily.​
  • Improved operational efficiency by 26%:  1 hour to find and fix root issues, bug escalation with priority based on potential lost revenue.
  • 100x more interactions automatically analyzed.
  • Higher conversion rates that boosted revenue by 15%.
  • Got deeper customer insights and recommendations.
  • Decreased lost revenue  by 10% with immediate alerts.
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