The Challenge.

  • The triage process is a series of questions asked by a vet technician to assess the severity of a patient entering the Emergency Room.
  • This is time that could be better spent by the technician caring for patients.
  • In this clinic, there was little analysis or data gathered about ER traffic or which presenting problems were most common.

The Solution.

  • Designed and built a chatbot to interact with patients arriving to the Emergency Room to ask a series of questions and assess the triage priority.
  • Used NLP/NLU functionalities to understand free-text responses by the user and determine the relevant presenting problem.
  • Integrated the chatbot with a mobile app so users can answer questions without being in the hospital in COVID-19 circumstances.

The Results.

  • Reduced triage costs by saving ~20 minutes of time per consult by vet technicians.
  • Collected data about patient traffic, common issues, and more that were used in future projects to improve the patient journey.
  • Streamlined the process of information gathering in the ER by integrating the tool with the Emergency Medical Records system.
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