The Challenge.

A software gaming company launches special events each week to improve lagging engagement and draw in users.  While this can be very effective at increasing both engagement and revenue, it can also be very taxing on the gaming developers and marketers to keep websites current with all the related content updates.  This made it hard to keep up with constantly evolving development tasks and ultimately started to impact the customer experience.


The Solution.

  • Created a data repository
  • Ran a Content Audit to better understand all of the needs across departments.
  • Created a content management strategy.
  • Implemented a content management solution that is cloud-based and scalable, with multi-language and full cognitive capabilities.
  • Implemented personalization and dynamic content across the website.
  • Created a Retention Model to better understand and measure the retention and engagement across games.
  • Launched a chat bot with full cognitive capabilities.

The Results.

  • The company can separate content from how it's displayed so the content can be created once and then optimized and published for different audiences, platforms, languages and devices.
  • Allows games' engineers to focus on game code and less on marketing content.
  • Increased Customer Engagement 15%.
  • Due to personalization and dynamic content, basket size increased 30%.
  • Improved operational efficiency by 33%.
  • Freed up marketers time to focus on engagement and increase revenue by 20%.
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