The Challenge.

A major national bank already focuses on providing incredible personalized attention in their branches.  But their fear of social media stemmed from the thought of "losing control" of their marketing message. Platforms like Facebook were widely misunderstood by this group and an education on how social media marketing works (different from traditional media) was required.  They knew they needed to expand their digital presence but were unsure how to accomplish this while maintaining control over their brand message. 


The Solution.

  • Created a digital marketing strategy that focused on brand awareness and consistency.
  • Created a change management plan to help educate the departments on how digital marketing and in particular social media can effectively be applied to create a deeper loyalty with their customers.
  • Facebook and YouTube were determined the best channels to reach local clients and foster deeper relationships.
  • Implemented a content management solution to ensure brand consistency across channels.
  • Facebook: Posting back-dated photos and key events from the bank's history and created custom apps/tabs to highlight important aspects of the bank and let new fans know what they can expect.
  • Videos on YouTube included some from the president explaining how the bank works with their customers.
  • Used analytic and AI to ensure they were targeting the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

The Results.

  • Improved customer loyalty, increased SOV from 40% to 53%.
  • Increased fans from 300 to 2876 in 3 months.
  • Brand consistency improved across all channels.
  • Customer satisfaction score improved drastically.
  • NPS increased 5 points in 2 quarters.
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