The Challenge.

A mid-size US issuing bank wants to increase both spend & revenue on credit cards and wants to identify specific customer engagement triggers.  They also need to understand spend propensities for targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns. They struggle to integrate customer preference and behavioral patterns. This results in campaigns that are done on a basic level with mass marketing and overselling to customers.


The Solution.

  • Propensity & Targeting Strategy for: Card Activation, Attrition Management i.e. spend retention, Small Business Card Cross Sell, Cash/Debit to Credit spend migration, Early MoB Engagement.
  • Implemented a multi-campaign management tool.
  • Developed a customer segmentation strategy.
  • Lead Prioritization process implemented .
  • Personalized Campaign Design & Strategy in place
  • Provided a C360 view with Insights and Recommendations.

The Results.

  • Improved Digital Campaign Management – display, search and email customer targeting
  • Provided the ability to understand who the customer is and how he or she prefers to interact with the bank. They are now able to make decisions off the back of these interactions and choose the appropriate follow up based on what is best for their client.
  • Improved customer experience and engagement 16% in 6 months.
  • Can now easily create contextual Triggers for time of offer.
  • Increased revenue from Credit cards 9% in 6 months
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