The Challenge.

A financial institution embarked on a multi-year project to enhance and update content capabilities and re-platform their online banking initiatives.  The aim of this project was to make online banking a content-rich experience for customers. However, the company had an inefficient and error-prone workflow that lacked automated capabilities. Gaps in the workflow led to instances of duplicative content production and processes. 


The Solution.

  • Created a content management strategy across the organization.
  • Implemented one of the largest modern web applications in the industry, supporting over 60M customers.
  • Transformed and digitized the content management processes by reducing manual handoffs, by designing tool enhancements and automation features.
  • Created a new organizational model to simplify logistics of testing and releasing content.
  • Stand up a ‘Content as a Service’ delivery team in a nearshore location to operationalize content production and cut costs – digital compliance is now done nearshore in Multi-language.

The Results.

  • The client is now able to manage content in a fully agile model that enables them to be incredibly nimble in the release of new features. As such, they are equipped to quickly create new content and to adapt to changes in the industry. 
  • 45% reduction in defect density.
  • 3 Point increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score).
  • 23% increase in first-time pass rate.
  • Reduction in content delivery turnaround times from 3 weeks to 8 days on average.
  • 30% savings per month from reduced headcount in content organization and from nearshore delivery.
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