Le virage 4.0, un pas à la fois

Mar 27 2018

Pierre Théroux

Caractérisée par l'automatisation de la production et l'intégration de nouvelles technologies, l'usine intelligente permet une plus grande connectivité des données et des objets. Avant d'y arriver, il faut avant tout faire un constat de la situation. Ce diagnostic a donc l'avantage de déterminer quels équipements, quelles solutions logicielles ou technologies numériques sont nécessaires pour rendre l'usine plus intelligente. 

10 tendances marketing 2018

Quelles tendances marketing en 2018 ? Une quinzaine d’experts de France et Outre-Atlantique ont émis leurs visions pour la société Talkwalker. 10 tendances marketing émergent nettement : de la vidéo sociale aux chatbots, sans oublier le social selling. Nous vous présentons une synthèse du dossier avec les points clés à retenir.

Digital transformation: why it matters and how it can be achieved?

Jan 16 2018

Nick ismail

The public sector has been particularly slow with regards to digital transformation. How can the public sector, and every other organisation, fully embrace digital change? By embracing the right digital tools for your unique organisation and listening to each and every employee that uses them you will be setting yourself up for digital success. The philosophers in business and life will know that the only constant in life is change.

Four Things About Artificial Intelligence That Marketers Need to Keep In Mind In 2018

Farewell 2017, a year in which marketing technology really took off and where both consumers and marketers alike started to experience the potential of artificial intelligence in our daily personal and professional lives. Thanks to our new voice-operated companions Alexa and Siri, and advanced analytics tools based on machine learning becoming increasingly accessible, we all caught a glimpse of the exciting future driven by AI.

2018 Marketing Predictions From The C-Suite

Dec 31 2017

By KimWhitler

Toward the end of every year, I ask CEOs, CMOs, authors, executive recruiters and other experts from a variety of industries and backgrounds to weigh in on what will be hot for marketers in the upcoming year. From cybersecurity to AI to social media to impact in the boardroom, this year’s predictions do not disappoint. And to understand trends and predictions from around the globe, take a look at these 18 hot trends from leaders in China--from Tencent to McDonald's to Visa to WPP to Publicis to Google.

Why Retailers Should Retire Holiday Shopping Season

Nov 21 2017

By Denise Lee Yohn

The retail industry has been disrupted in practically every way imaginable. It’s about time that retailers also rethink their approach to the holiday shopping season. It no longer makes sense to rely on disproportionate revenue from the holiday season to make up for softness in sales during the rest of the year.