The future of B2B sales is digital. Already half of B2B buyers are millennials, whose preference for digital interactions is quickly reshaping the customer journey and how buyers communicate with suppliers. In fact, companies with the most sophisticated digital B2B sales organizations are already enjoying significantly higher profits than companies with less developed digital capabilities. And they plan to invest twice as much as others over the next five years—which puts them in a position to widen their advantage.

The 7 Habits of Top-Performing CMOs

Can you see into the future? If you’re a marketing visionary with innovative ideas about how to drive business growth and customer-centricity, the answer is yes. You don’t want to just navigate the competition, you want to completely topple it. While the tech landscape continues to shift and evolve, your posture is “bring it.” Great attitude, but you need action to succeed today.

Why is one of the world’s biggest advertisers is centralizing its social media marketing?

Why is one of the world’s biggest advertisers, Coca-Cola, centralizing its social media marketing? It’s less a shift in the traditional agency model and more a course correction to how things should function as brands reach social media maturity.

The Power of B2B Personalization

Personalization is no longer optional in the B2B world, with Gartner predicting that by 2018, B2B companies with e-commerce personalization will outsell by 30 percent competitors that are not providing a personalized experience. When creating your B2B personalization strategy, be sure to include the following:

5 Challenges Retailers Face Giving Customers What they Want

The online shopping experience is evolving faster than ever before. Today’s omni-channel retailers — whether they’re an exclusively online shop or bridging digital and physical experiences — need to master a host of different elements that translate into a fluid, dynamic shopping experience. Digitally empowered consumers want seamless experiences across all touch points and expect retailers to be on the cutting edge of pricing and products. If companies fail to deliver, finding a lower price, a better checkout experience or immediate product availability is as simple as making a few clicks. What are the most common challenges retailers struggle with, and how can the right strategy help?

Artificial Intelligence – Will It Replace Marketers?

A lot of people have built great careers around digital marketing – either as entrepreneurs with their own consulting enterprises or as career employees with companies. They have their degrees and their expertise, and have been successful in developing digital marketing campaigns and strategies.

How to Talk to People, Not Segments: The Evolution of Real-Time Personalization

Personification doesn’t replace personalization, it has just become an additional stage of the customer journey that has evolved rapidly over the last 18-24 months as “dark” activities have accelerated. Personalization is the process of giving your customer the right message, on the right platform, using the right channel, at the right time. All good marketers know this. Very few do it well, but it is a marketing tactic we have been aware of for decades.