Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield.  It is among the top issues on CEOs’ minds.  While there had been much focus on how companies manage service experiences across multiple channels, research has shown that, of those CX practitioners who garnered large investments in their organizations, only 51% remained in their positions 2 years later.  So of those who survived, what are they doing right and what can we learn from them on how to make CX the competitive advantage.  In this session we will explore three key contributing factors;

  1. Culture: Because employees are the ones creating those memorable, differentiating experiences that generate customer engagement and loyalty.
  2. Strategy: Defining  the customer experience to enhance the value proposition in order to remain competitive.
  3. Technology: Learn from industry leaders how they are able to harness the power of technology without minimizing the role of humans in delivering the optimal customer experience.

Location: Toronto

Address: 401 Bay St., 8th floor Toronto, ON

Start time: 8:00 am
End time: 11:00 am