How to spot a failing digital transformation project?

Jul 17 2018

By Sandra Vogel

For large scale projects, figuring out what's working and what isn't can be a daunting task

Digital transformation has to be one of the biggest tech buzzwords of the moment, but unlike some tech trends, it also has real meaning and benefits for companies that do it correctly. Get it right and your business, however small or large, will know itself and its customer base better, be able to deliver its services more effectively, and plan better for growth.

Digital Transformation And The Evolving Role Of The CIO

Jul 11 2018

Miguel Khouri

We are seeing private and public entities growing increasingly aware of the benefits that can be gained by embracing the wave of digital technologies, with their leadership understanding that in order to stay ahead of the curve, a digital transformation is a necessity. This is where the right leadership, and more specifically an experienced CIO, proves to be crucial to an entity’s development.

Four Ways The Right Leadership Drives Digital Transformation

Sure, technology will change. But your company’s values and vision should never waver. As a leader, you should bring order to the chaos of digital transformation by providing a clear and solid foundation of values that everyone in the company—including yourself —uphold. As long as the technology fits into those values—and you can communicate their purpose accordingly—you’ll be a long way toward driving digital transformation success. 

Six Steps To Achieve Digital Marketing Excellence

These six capabilities will help you prioritize and determine the right plan for you to move to a more advanced level. Don't think about going from 0 to 10 -- it is about moving at the correct pace and always having your customer at the core of everything. Achieving digital marketing excellence doesn't mean being a more profitable company necessarily, it means being a better company.

Six Traits All Great Digital Marketing Leaders Possess

Marketing is an extremely broad field that contains specialists and generalists. Generalists often lean toward strategy and specialists lean toward the execution of marketing tactics. However, this does not guarantee that a generalist is a good strategist, nor does a specialist automatically excel at execution. Then we have digital marketing -- a highly complex and evolving field that requires many hats to be worn for leadership positions.

Where the tech jobs are -- and will be in the future

Jun 12 2018

By Bob Violino

Digital transformation is increasing demand for skills in key technology areas including cyber security, cloud services, data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and converged infrastructure, according to a report to be released today by research firm International Data Corp (IDC) with sponsorship from networking technology company Cisco.

How Do Machines Learn? The Art of Teaching Machines

May 23 2018

By Ai Department

When we are teaching children to recognize objects, we use repetition. To teach what a car is, we may show children multiple images of different cars, make car noises, and repeat the word “car” over and over. Through observing the common patterns and details we teach, children learn to associate a label — “car” — with the object. Now, artificial intelligence is helping machines to learn in much the same way as humans do.