Customer, Interrupted: Second-Guessing Digital Marketing’s Most Effective Tactic

Jul 30 2018

Sean Schroeder

Most sensible marketers — and everyone but the worst of the worst — left pop-up windows behind ages ago. While that move was welcome news to, well, everybody, similarly intrusive tactics still exist in modern marketing playbooks. While interruptive tactics can be effective, marketers must first weigh short-term benefits with long-term costs. Full-screen overlays, modal windows, and interstitials, for example, could do more harm than good.

7 Tips To Design Winning Digital Transformation Strategies

Jul 24 2018

By Maribel Lopez

Digital transformation remains a hot topic in the C-suite. However, transformation efforts are meeting with mixed results. Over 60 percent of companies Lopez Research surveyed strongly agreeing with the statement "Our digital transformation efforts are moving slower than expected." Successful digital transformation efforts require a company to operate its business effectively while simultaneously navigating people, process and technology changes. 

How to spot a failing digital transformation project?

Jul 17 2018

By Sandra Vogel

For large scale projects, figuring out what's working and what isn't can be a daunting task

Digital transformation has to be one of the biggest tech buzzwords of the moment, but unlike some tech trends, it also has real meaning and benefits for companies that do it correctly. Get it right and your business, however small or large, will know itself and its customer base better, be able to deliver its services more effectively, and plan better for growth.

Digital Transformation And The Evolving Role Of The CIO

Jul 11 2018

Miguel Khouri

We are seeing private and public entities growing increasingly aware of the benefits that can be gained by embracing the wave of digital technologies, with their leadership understanding that in order to stay ahead of the curve, a digital transformation is a necessity. This is where the right leadership, and more specifically an experienced CIO, proves to be crucial to an entity’s development.