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What is Customer 360°?

It's an approach that enables companies to get a complete view of customers by aggregating data from the various touch points. It helps your business grow

Customer Segmentation

It isn't just a suggestion - it's a necessity.

Structured & Unstructured Data

80% of business relevant information originates in unstructured form, primarily text.

Improved Customer Engagement

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.

Insights into Customer Growth and Retention - Churn Management

A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%

Call center & customer service optimization leveraging Speech to Text

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Customer Lifetime Value

The future of CLV is rapidly changing to include multiple factors such as social media, purchase frequency and influencers.

Based on clearer CLV segments brands may want to rethink their strategy and how they are interacting with customers.

1-to-1 Personalization


Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, but 70% of brands fail to use them.

Customer Profiling based on behavior

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Valuable Customer Insights across the business, across all touchpoints: product recommendation Beacons

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