Knowledge Providers Inc. is now KPI Digital!

Sep 06 2017

Lori Cohen

To me, one of the most fascinating parts of my job is seeing KPI grow and evolve. According to Forbes, “Data is growing faster than ever before and by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.” With this in mind, I continuously ask myself, how is KPI going to leverage all this data for our customers and rise above the digital noise?

Balanced Scorecards, and much more. Value based Performance management-VbPm

Dec 05 2016

Denis Leclerc

“Despite the best intentions of those at the top, lofty statemens about becoming “best in class”, “the number one supplier,” or an “empowered organization” don’t translate easily into operational terms that provide useful guides to actionat the local level. For people to act on the words in vision and strategy statements, those statements must be expressed as an integrated set of objectives and masures, agreed upon by all senior executives, that describe the long term drivers of success.” (R.S.Kaplan, D.P.Norton) 

What is VbPm?

Nov 14 2016

Denis Leclerc

Almost all products in the market today focus on data preparedness, and they are correct in doing so, but this is not the full story. Unfortunately this does not eliminate the reality that many times when a department focuses on specific measures and KPI’s as their departmental objectives, they are adversely impacting other KPI’s and measures critical to meeting the organizations objectives. This becomes highly counterproductive.

Canadian SME’s Optimization and Globalization

Oct 03 2016

Denis Leclerc

Cloud Services the way of the future, the best option for a leading competitive edge. 

Why Do We Care about a Seamless Customer Experience?

Apr 22 2016

Like you, I constantly hear “Customers are expecting a seamless omni-channel experience.” But how does that experience benefit the retailer, and more importantly, how does it benefit the...

3 ways the financial close process can get a boost from analytics

Jan 04 2016

Anybody who has ever been near an accounting department knows closing the books is a high-stakes time. Financial teams face pressure to execute in less time and with 100 percent accuracy, but the...

Is it a KEY Performance Indicator? Not everything that can be counted counts

Jun 08 2015

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” He may not have been specifically referring to the discipline of...