Many Strategies Fail Because They’re Not Actually Strategies

Nov 14 2017

By Freek Vermeulen

Many strategy execution processes fail because the firm does not have something worth executing.The strategy consultants come in, do their work, and document the new strategy in a PowerPoint presentation and a weighty report. Town hall meetings are organized, employees are told to change their behavior, balanced scorecards are reformulated, and budgets are set aside to support initiatives that fit the new strategy. And then nothing happens.

La révolution de l’intelligence artificielle

Nov 07 2017

Radio Canada

L’intelligence artificielle. Comment les ordinateurs arrivent-ils, aujourd’hui, à voir et décrire ce qui les entoure? À lire, parler, comprendre et prédire l’évolution de nos maladies? Comment ces machines intelligentes pourront-elles cohabiter avec les humains?

What Disney Teaches Us About Artificial Intelligence

In true omnichannel marketing, brands provide customers with seamless experiences no matter where they go or which device they use. Looking across various industries, here are three best practices for brands looking to deliver effective omnichannel experiences.