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We’ve come a long way in two decades!

A lot has changed since the outset of the millennium, from the rise of social media to the age of Digital Transformation and AI. KPI Digital has evolved along with the shifting landscape of our digital world. Our focus has always been to adapt and transform. Though technologies and processes have changed, one thing has remained true: our steadfast commitment to supporting the needs and goals of our clients.

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, weʼre taking a walk down memory lane and
charting the path that led us to where we are today.


Benny Cohen founds Knowledge Providers Inc. with the goal of helping businesses improve their decision-making process based on data and facts.

The first Knowledge Providers Inc. office opens in downtown Montreal. Here, the team implements a business intelligence solution for their first client in the retail space, analyzing sales data per store.

Knowledge Providers Inc. signs a partnership deal with Cognos Analytics.


Knowledge Providers Inc. expands the team and continues to grow the Cognos BI solution across multiple industries including retail, manufacturing and distribution.


Our company mission shifts to focus on data warehousing, data management and performance management, with the goal of providing our customers with a more complete data perspective.


The team continues to grow and moves into larger offices to accommodate our team and clients needs.


Knowledge Providers Inc. gains an IBM Gold business partner designation.


Amid hardships brought on by the global financial crisis, Knowledge Provides Inc. expands to new markets in the U.S.


Launch of new website and social media channels.


Knowledge Providers Inc. undergoes a complete Digital Transformation and rebrands.


Our offerings grow to include digital marketing, digital transformation, improved customer experience and insights, AI, data architecture and governance, application development and much more!

KPI Digital expands its strategic partnerships with top technology companies in order to continue providing optimal solutions, helping our customers reach their ambitious objectives.


Our team continues to grow and moves into new offices at the Montreal Technoparc, the city’s largest hub for high tech innovation and pharmaceutical companies.


KPI Digital wins IBM Beacon award for the World’s Best Watson Customer Engagement Cognitive Solution.

Launch of KPI Digital’s McGill mentorship program, in association with the Master of Management in Analytics program.


Our team continues to grow further diversifying areas of expertise and offerings, building on our family culture based on passion, innovation and integrity.

The Coronavirus pandemic impacts KPI Digital. The team shifts to working from home and rises to the challenge of remaining a close-knit unit while continuing to meet and exceed the needs of clients despite being physically apart. The pandemic has forced us to reinvent our business model to market, sell and deliver projects remotely with success.


KPI Digital has been named a finalist in the 2021 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Data & AI Solution.


We look to the future, continuing to push for ways to better anticipate customer needs, driven by their objectives, all while having a little (or a lot) of fun along the way.

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