Amazon: Using Big Data to understand customers

Dec 07 2017

By Bernard Marr

Amazon has thrived by adopting an “everything under one roof” model. However, when faced with such a huge range of options, customers can often feel overwhelmed. They effectively become data-rich, with tons of options, but insight-poor, with little idea about what would be the best purchasing decision for them.

5 Ways Retailers Can Use Tech to Make Black Friday and Cyber Monday a Success

Nov 22 2017

by Phil Goldstein

In the age of customers nabbing deals on their smartphones while sitting on the couch in their pajamas, Black Friday may not be what it used to be. But that doesn’t mean retailers don’t need to be ready. If anything, the push toward online sales and digital deals means that retailers need to invest even more in IT infrastructure than before, even if customers are not coming into physical stores. Data is the lifeblood of retailers looking to gain an edge in the digital age.

Why Retailers Should Retire Holiday Shopping Season

Nov 21 2017

By Denise Lee Yohn

The retail industry has been disrupted in practically every way imaginable. It’s about time that retailers also rethink their approach to the holiday shopping season. It no longer makes sense to rely on disproportionate revenue from the holiday season to make up for softness in sales during the rest of the year.